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Whether you’re looking for repairs or renovations in Loveland, Colorado, CCG Roofing has what you need. We specialize in both residential and commercial roofing services, so whatever your needs are, we have them covered.

CCG Roofing is family owned and operated so you know you are getting the personalized touch that comes with a small business. We offer construction and consulting services, roofing repairs and complete replacements. There’s no job too big or too small for our experts to handle.

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We Handle ALL Commercial AND Residential Roofing Problems

From basic maintenance to complete roof renovations, CCG Roofing services all of the Loveland Colorado Area:

General Roof Repairs

Shingle Roof Replacements

Roof Coatings

Flat Roof Replacements

Roof Inspections

Metal Roof Replacements

Tile Roof Replacements


Services Breakdown:

Regular Maintenance And Inspection
Professional roofing experts suggest you get your roof inspected twice a year – before the winter storms and in the spring. The winter weather can be hard on your roof, so you want to be sure there’s no damage before the storms hit that may become big issues at a bad time. You also want to be sure the freezing of your shingles and subsequent thawing, then refreezing, along with the other winter problems, didn’t cause major damage hiding silently in the background waiting for spring.
Roof Repairs, Big And Small.
Leaks can look small on your ceiling, but by the time they make it that far, the leaks can cause a lot of damage. Whether you have a catastrophic event causing your roof to need repair, or something minor turned into a major issue before you caught it, CCG Roofing is ready to take care of your big repairs.
Residential Roof Replacements
When you are ready for a new roof, we will sit down with you and give you your options, answer all of your questions, discuss pricing and financing possibilities, and help you every step of the process.
Commercial Roof Replacements
In a business, every investment is important. Our experts can help you determine which roofing options are best for you and which ones will give you the highest return on your investment. We can also give you tips and advice on how to save money in your building, boosting your bottom line.

If you already have a contractor but aren’t confident they are giving you the best deal or wonder if they are padding the numbers, you can hire us as a consultant for a small fee. We know what the rates are and what materials should be used for the job, so we can hold your consultant accountable to ensure they give you a reasonable price.

Consulting Services

If you already have a contractor you have hired for your roofing needs, it’s important for your pocket and your peace of mind to know that you are paying reasonable rates for the job. Not everyone is skilled in the price of roofing materials and labor and what makes sense and what is simply padding the budget. Instead of hoping for the best, you can pay a small consulting fee and we will analyze your contract and ensure that you are being charged reasonable rates for the job you hired your contractor for.

Insurance Claim Assistance
Breaking into the world of filing insurance claims for roof damage and repairs can be a stressful time. If you’re not sure if your repairs can be covered by your insurance, we can give you an inspection and estimate and help you decide.

If you know your insurance will help you pay for your repairs but are unsure how to complete the paperwork and deal with the insurance adjusters, we have the knowledge and expertise that you need to make it a smoother process. We can assist you to make it an easier, more streamlined progression.

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What Our Loveland Customers Are Saying About Us

Mike is very responsive. He understands insurance companies and adjusters. He came to our property several times to meet with us and the adjustors. Here's the best thing I can say about a company that repairs roofs: I trust him.


As a realtor I found catastrophe construction group to be amazing. They were prompt, quick to respond and handled all my needs. They are my recommendation for any of your roofing needs. My contact Christine was top notch. Highly recommended


My experience with CCG was very good. First of all, they delivered on schedule which is quite refreshing. So many contractors make promises that they don't deliver on. I communicated directly through Dane who was very knowledgeable and helped me better understand how a roof functions. He explained how roofing methods have changed over time resulting in improved functionality of the roof system. For example, he pointed out that my existing flashing was continuous along wall edges, as opposed, to the modern convention of using "step flashing". The step flashing approach allows the water to drain away from the wall edge and prevent leakage within the structure. He also explained the importance of installing an ice and water barrier material to prevent water infiltration. My roof looks great now and I am very pleased with CCG.

James B. 
James B.

I found this team to be professional and friendly from the very beginning of my association with them. They showed up on time for the first appt. They were respectful of my needs and seemed VERY aware of how to get things done. A thorough inspection of not just the roof, but the entire property was made. They showed up again, as promised, to meet with my insurance adjustor. (I felt like Mike ******* was MY advocate with the insurance.) The job was accomplished in a timely manner. There was no evidence of construction debris left anywhere. They were careful of our flower garden and hand carried all the supplies to the back yard. Wow. Edwardo, Mike *******, Dale ***** and their crew, (and Antonio who did our gutters) were professional all the way through. I must also say that Mike ******* was very, very timleyto respond to my communications and queries through texting. he also sent my invoice via e-mail. Thank you to all for a job well done.


We were one of the many houses that got nailed by the hailstorm a few months ago in the Springs. Our insurance company set us up with CCG and we were able to get our house looked at for an estimate quite quickly. We decided to stick with CCG since they were so quick to respond, did a fair evaluation, and provided us excellent customer service. They walked us through each step. Our new roof, painted siding, and new window screens look fantastic! They also keep in contact with us about the time frame for the new window we need. HIGHLY recommend this company!!


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